There is an ongoing effort to conserve farm land in the Shenandoah Valley. In 2004 Doug, Shirley and children purchased the Sims Farm in an effort to preserve the farm land and to prevent any further development. But this was far from the beginning of Franley Farms.

A full century before, in 1904, Shirley's great grandparents bought the Ryman farm, which sits just south of the Sims Farm along the western bank of the Shenandoah River. In 1944, Doug's grandparents bought the neighboring farm, known as the Bashaw Farm.

After Doug and Shirley completed High School, they were married and had three children, Trip, Hubbel, and Allie. Then in 1988 the family moved to the former Bashaw Farm, where Doug and Shirley still call home today. Recently, the Ryman farm has been passed down to Shirley. The combined land of these two farms was named Franley Farms.

The family continued to look for ways to expand Franley Farms, wanting to preserve more farm land. An opportunity presented itself for the family to purchase the Sims farm in 2004. They decided to turn the home on this property into a vacation rental home. The family spent months providing a face lift to the house and land, and it is now ready for your enjoyment.